1 . How much do I need to spend on content production? 

Budget is often at the top of everybody’s priority.  Traditionally, digital media is not the cheapest marketing medium to produce and the costs can vary dramatically depending of on project requirements. However, digital media is the most effective content to produce in terms of engagement and impact, meaning best return on investment (ROI), so you should consider it a necessity to your marketing campaigns.

A carefully considered brief will help you and the producer work costs to fit your budget. The specifics of your brief will determine the cost of the production. What are your desired outcomes? Will it be a video or podcast? How long will it be? Will it be a one off or a series? Who are you aiming it towards? What are their expectations in terms of quality and ‘feel’ of the content? Your producer can help you to answer these questions during the planning stage.

Also, what will your project demand regarding people, equipment, locations and time for it to be produced? A good producer will be able to provide the answers to these questions for you in the development of your budget.

All these considerations go into the ‘How much will it cost?’ answer. Initially, it is best to develop a clear brief and make enquires with a professional company like Thinking Media Productions. A producer will then help you devise an overall, affordable spend for the project. To email a brief or to discuss a project you can get in contact here.



2. How long will it take to produce a video or a podcast?

Again, this depends very much on the requirements of the brief and the quality of planning put into the project to begin with. The technical production of a podcast need not take more than a few hours in the hands of a capable producer, whereas a video series could take months in production to turn over.

To be time efficient good pre-production is essential. This work will be carried out by you and the producer before recording begins to ensure a successful and smooth production phase of the project. The more detail and understanding you have of your project before you begin the more effective and efficient the technical execution will be.



3. Do I need training for my staff to produce their own content in-house?

With the rise of authentic media and cheaper tools, in-house media production is on the rise. The benefits to in-house production are clear – it’s cheaper, easily accessible and more flexible to produce.

An understanding of the technical processes, the creative sensibilities involved and the overall production quality are all important factors to ensure success. Thinking Media Productions Ltd offers bespoke training to companies and individuals looking at improving their skills in video, photographic and audio marketing production.

Senior Producer, Matthew Harris, has taught on the subject for many years, written training manuals and workshopped extensively. Not only is it a good way to learn more about the most creative medium influencing audiences today, but it can create great team building opportunities also.

To see how you could benefit from this, please contact us here.



4. Do I need a digital strategy in place before I start producing content?

Digital media – whether it is video or audio – is a great way to measure low-level Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in business. Therefore, a sound and well thought out digital strategy is advisable to ensure the efficacy of a digital media project and its overall contribution to your business’ communication success. Start with an audit of your current situation, agree what you want to achieve and build the strategy to bridge the two.

Thinking Media Productions Ltd can help you and your organisation produce an effective digital strategy. In 2010 our Senior Producer, Matt Harris, made it his research focus at the University of Cambridge where he completed a thesis on the topic of video and inline communities. Matthew has produced reports on digital media performance for companies, which has lead to effective campaign and strategy building.

To learn more about this please get in contact and set up a meeting here.