Mission & Services


PROGRAMMING: Matthew aims to continue producing his own short form content for online platforms and broadcasters. Formats include: Drama, Documentary, Current Affairs, Infotainment, Variety, Music and Children’s entertainment.

PRODUCTION: He is available to hire as a self-shooting producer and videographer supplying a full production service that facilitates most production needs. Working across all sectors Matthew is keen to open new contracts, while continuing with regular clients in producing high-quality, effective video communications for businesses and organisations. To see Matthew’s rates visit the Thinking-Media rates page for 2018 here.

“Matthew and I have worked together for almost 4 years now on various video projects ranging from simple interview style shoots inside to field walking and trials results in difficult conditions outside…He has always provided me with high quality video, on time and even goes the extra mile to suggest and implement improvements that improve the end result.” Matthew Goodson, Campaign Manager at BASF

TRAINING: Matthew has developed a number of short training courses to help those looking to improve their video skills. Content is KING and producing it doesn’t always need a professional videographer or photographer. If you or your team want to learn how mobile technology (such as tablets and smart phones) can be used to create effective, high-quality video and/or photographs then Matthew is ready to show you how.

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“Matthew Harris ran some training for our international sales team. The whole team finished the day feeling confident in their new skills, very engaged and eager to use the techniques in the field. I would certainly recommend this training programme to other sales and marketing teams, not least for the team building it offers.” Inez Cornell, Marketing Manager at Radleys

CONSULTING: Matthew has expert knowledge in online behaviours and video engagement. His research at the University of  Cambridge was considered: ‘…a genuine contribution to understanding and developing the field of creative media production, distribution and marketing practices.’ He is determined to help and support organisations looking to gain a better insight into their online video performance so that future productions work as effective communications for their businesses. He is able to provide detailed analysis and useful strategy through one of his Digital Landscape Surveys (DLS reports). To make further enquiries get in contact here.

“His expert input into my commercial video projects have given them extra value both to me and the intended audience. The USP for Matt is his understanding of human behaviour, current trends mixed with digital technology expertise. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him in future video projects.” Edwina Mullins, Digital Marketing Consultant & Social Media Trainer