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Thinking-Media offers a full video production service, but before you start shooting it is recommended you gain some market intelligence on the performance of your current media and the competition’s output to ensure your content’s success.

Thinking-Media’s Video Intelligence Package. This comprises of three services in one. It is possible to provide the Content Cataloguing Service and Digital Landscape Survey as individual services separately. The Video Strategy Summary service can only be delivered as part of either the Content Cataloguing Service and/or Digital Landscape Survey due to its strategic approach.  It is highly recommended to the overall benefit of the client that all three are delivered together as one package. This ensures optimal efficacy, cost efficiency and future effectiveness when implementing strategy and production.

Thinking-Media’s Content Cataloguing Service (CCS). This is a simple and concise way of knowing what exactly your business has produced over the years. This document records all the content across multiple platforms and lists them along with current data analytics. This way you can know exactly what your business has out there, for how long, and the critical, statistical information to date.

Thinking-Media’s Digital Landscape Survey (DLS). This complete research document gathers together all the information relating to your business’ performance online in terms of video content. How effectively are you being seen? Which videos are working? Which are not, and why? Who is your online community and how are they engaging with your content? What does the competition’s videos look like in comparison to yours? The DLS is an incredibly insightful document that will give you a better understanding of your business’ or organisation’s performance online. It provides information and analyses with particular detail to content examining what effective use of production has  worked for your brand. Knowledge is power and the DLS will help you build effective strategy to produce high performing video content for the future.

Thinking-Media’s Video Strategy Summary (VSS). This summary provides clients with a clear direction forward outlining the best ways to implement  and platform video content online. The VSS can only be delivered is a CCS or DLS has been completed on behalf of the client.

Thinking-Media also provides training workshops for marketers and sales team members. Candidates are able to develop their skills in both photography and videography for the use of sales and marketing. These courses last a day and involve tutorials on mobile equipment such as smart phones and tablets along with practical components that allow the candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their creative abilities.